» Professional creative+technical solutions for web and print
– enabling organisations and small businesses to start up fast, develop well.

» Professional creative+technical solutions for web and print
– enabling organisations and small businesses to start up fast, develop well.

Transforming words into memorable pictures

Logo: the word made image, a brand to burn the consciousness.

The simplicity of a sound logo usually masks a complex process. One that demands a clear vision of its purpose, knowing what works and fresh creativity.

In my experience, owners of small businesses usually already have a very good idea of what suits and just need help drawing it out, or, in the case of an existing identity, upgrading it to a contemporary feel and professional specifications.

Created 2010> A client's simple sketch, along with a few keywords, is often the perfect starting point…

In the development of this logo for a new UK charity it became clear that, given a suitable typographical treatment, an additional graphic device was actually superfluous to requirements.

— Created 2010.

< Sometimes, quite a nice logo may already exist…

But it needs professional tweaking to look nice and clear on screen or in print.

— Existing letterhead logo modernised in 2008 (dosesofhope.org).

> Sometimes a nice artwork already exists…

But it may be at low resolution and not 'logofied'.

Vectorising and an attractive packaging will help to make a strong identity.

— Left: Client's own sketch incorporated into new branding for startup in 2005.

— Right: Low-res client symbol served as basis for a full logo identity as part of website revamp in 2014 (bodyheartandsoul.nl).

logo WWW networklearning

< Sometimes only a good idea exists…

Choosing the best treatment of the idea remains a crucial task.

— "Traffic lights": simplicity with a glow is central to working with wellbeing. Created in 2013 for startup workingwithwellbeing.nl

— "Cat's Cradle": the open, human and cooperative aspects are emphasized for a northern development organisation that enables NGOs in the South. Created in 2003. Still in use at networklearning.org

> Sometimes a perfect example of what is required exists…

But it must be created in vectors and pixels, to perfection. Expertise in Illustrator and affinity with (sacred) geometry required!

— Created in 2008 for the marketing of special events in 2009.

patricia bardi truus quax

< Sometimes the elements of a good logo exist…

But the essence needs extracting from the clutter, polished up and clearly branded.

— Left: website identity modernized in 2007 (left), updated again in 2009 with more recent image (right). In use at patriciabardi.com

— Right: a favourite email signature transformed into an identity for Truus Quax in 2014 (truusquax.nl)

> Sometimes a logo has been around for a long time…

It's definitely due for an upgrade. But by the same token, it is imbued with valuable recognition. Keeping the spirit of the original in the upgrade is vital.

— New-design colour logo created in 2004. Upgraded with animation in 2007. Upgraded with name change in 2011. Still in use at holisticyoga-shiatsu.com

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